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Candidates: you do not want to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

A recent survey of hirers conducted by a recruitment company highlighted some strange behaviour.


One consultant reported that a candidate picked up their mobile phone and called their parents halfway through the interview to let them it was going well, while another brought their mother along and let her do all the talking.


Others reported extreme cases of wardrobe malfunctions with candidates arriving in pyjamas and slippers, catsuits and even one who arrived with a cockatoo on their shoulder.


Yet more tales of woe included an applicant who said they were really hoping to receiving an offer from the company’s main competitor and another who said they were only attracted to the post because of the amount of annual eave on offer.


First prize, though, has to go the individual who, when asked why they wanted to leave their current job, replied “My manager is a jerk. All managers are jerks”.


Note from Jan – enjoy your interviews, with the right preparation you will feel more confident about interviews.  Contact me if you want to undertake an interview coaching session.


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