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Coaching is key in the recruitment process. Interview Coaching from Beacon Recruitment Sussex, Client Testimonial

Having recently failed at two internal interviews I was lucky enough to be referred by my boss to Jan Dixon of Beacon Recruitment for some interview coaching.

When the idea was first presented to me I had mixed feelings firstly due to the fact that I loathe talking about myself, and secondly because my confidence had hit rock bottom and I thought I was beyond help! “After all, shouldn’t I be able to sort this out myself, how could anyone else improve my confidence?”

I agreed to go along, after all nothing ventured nothing gained! When the big day eventually arrived I entered the building with mixed feelings.

I attended for two sessions lasting approximately three hours in total.

The consultation period lasted about an hour, was very relaxed and friendly. Jan skilfully obtained information about me and my perception of the interviews as well as quickly gaining an insight into my personality.

Jan used the following meeting to focus on improvement of my interview skills. She taught me how to manage the interview so as not to ‘fall apart and clam up’ but to ensure my attributes are ‘brought to the surface’ without ‘showing off’ (the thing that makes me squirm most).

During this meeting it struck me that I had always been of the opinion that the skills I possess naturally are the ‘norm’. I had thought that every manager possesses these skills. Due to this thinking I hadn’t thought I had anything ‘special’ to sell even though I knew I was capable of each of the posts for which I had applied and been interviewed.

Jan analysed my responses to her questions and used the facts I had provided to help me realise that the results I have achieved were proof that I have the required skills.

I now feel confident and equipped with the necessary skills for the next interview, something I had never thought possible, thanks to Jan!

I would highly recommend the excellent service Jan provides.

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