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UK salary survey

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A recent survey undertaken by Reed asked over 6,000 UK workers about pay, perks, hours and education. Their five key findings:


1.                   Men still earn more

Male workers are paid an average of 18.5% more than their female counterparts


2.                 Finance has the widest pay gap

Of the industries analysed the gender gap is widest in Finance and narrowest in Marketing


3.                 Jobseekers move for money

Over 30% of workers enjoyed their last pay rise as a result of a job change.


4.                 Bonus in king

The opportunity to earn a bonus is the UK’s most sought after job-related perk.


5.                 Happiness is a salary of £24K

The average salary for the 20% of respondents who said they love their job is £24,158.



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Candidates: you do not want to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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A recent survey of hirers conducted by a recruitment company highlighted some strange behaviour.


One consultant reported that a candidate picked up their mobile phone and called their parents halfway through the interview to let them it was going well, while another brought their mother along and let her do all the talking.


Others reported extreme cases of wardrobe malfunctions with candidates arriving in pyjamas and slippers, catsuits and even one who arrived with a cockatoo on their shoulder.


Yet more tales of woe included an applicant who said they were really hoping to receiving an offer from the company’s main competitor and another who said they were only attracted to the post because of the amount of annual eave on offer.


First prize, though, has to go the individual who, when asked why they wanted to leave their current job, replied “My manager is a jerk. All managers are jerks”.


Note from Jan – enjoy your interviews, with the right preparation you will feel more confident about interviews.  Contact me if you want to undertake an interview coaching session.


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Beacon Recruitment & Consultancy – Health & Safety consultant.


Les has been involved in Health & Safety for ten years and IOSH (institute of Occupational Safety and Health) qualified for seven years.


His consultation in risk assessments ranges from small offices to warehouses and large factories. By listening to what the clients requirements are and his knowledge of current regulations, he is then able to find a solution to a problem and reduce a risk that does not involve the use of time and money.


An initial consultation which is free of any charge or obligation.


Then if required a complete Audit or review of your work place practices (depending on already implemented Health and Safety practices) which would result in a general written risk assessment.


At this stage a more specific risk assessments can be completed for any particular hazards e.g. Fork Lift Trucks, Machinery, Fire Risk Assessments, COSHH etc.


First a list of hazards that is then compiled and the people from employees to customers that could be harmed and how. Then the control measures that are currently in place, and if they can be improved in reducing the risk of harm or an incident.


Then if needed, an action plan to reduce the risks identified is drawn up, with whoever has responsibility and a date for completion. This can be achieved by Les or by somebody within your organisation.



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