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Jobs in March 2011

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Another dismal month for jobs and although there does appear to be some movement it could be better and is still a trickle.

We have successfully placed 9 temporary staff (mainly with our engineering and manufacturing clients) and also a couple of permanent vacancies have now been offered and accepted this month.


Jan Dixon FIRP

Director, Commercial Recruitment

Beacon’s HR & Recruitment Newsletter – February 2011 edition

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Hello and welcome to our first newsletter for 2011. It is slightly longer running to 2 pages due to lots of changes taking place in the spring and later in the year.

Recruitment & Selection
We have had a good start to the year, placing candidates into both temporary and permanent positions such as a Marketing Manager (personal development & coaching), Part time Accounts Administrator (Chartered Accountants), Business Development Manager (Commercial Services), Stores Supervisor (manufacturing co), Project Coordinator (creative production co), Part time office administrator (architectural design co) and various skilled workers into manufacturing and engineering businesses.
There are a lot of people looking for work, that’s true; it’s also true that it is still important to find the right person to fit your business and that still takes time. When we place adverts the responses are a lot higher but that doesn’t equate to quality so it can take more time to review, regret, select and interview and that’s what we do, we still get a buzz from recruiting and interviewing, that’s our business, so let us take the strain.

Do you know anyone who might need help?
If you know of anyone who has had a few negatives as regards job offers or they are just not getting past the selection process, perhaps they would consider spending some time with Jan, who will help them with improving their interview techniques and that their CV actually does them justice. For an initial discussion contact Jan Dixon by email Jan can supply a testimonial from a happy and much more positive candidate.

Agency Workers Regulations
In October 2011 the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) are once again being amended and one (of many) changes will be that agency workers will be entitled to equal treatment on basic employment conditions, such as pay and holidays, after they have worked in a role for 12 weeks.
How ready are you?
Beacon are to run presentations with question and answer sessions over the coming months if you would be interested in attending please contact Jan Dixon by email

HR Matters

  • The current default age whereby employers can compulsorily and fairly retire staff at 65 will cease to operate on 1st October. The current legislation requires 6 months notice of retirement at 65. Therefore where employers are considering retiring staff who reach 65 before 1st October right to request working beyond retirement notices must be issued and the procedure started before 30th March. If not then the retirement cannot be enforced. The right to work beyond retirement will no longer have any application after 30th March. Employees may of course still decide to retire voluntarily after that date but with the abolition of the statutory retirement procedures, conversations about this topic initiated by the employer will be risky.
  • After 1st October the avenues open to employers to manage performance-related issues of staff over 65 will be either capability or disciplinary policies and procedures. However in the interests of fairness and in order to avoid potential cases of age discrimination, these policies and procedures should not focus entirely or even predominantly on older staff but should apply consistently across all staff. In addition “reasonable adjustments” e.g. to performance standards) may need to be made to take account of the fact that various disabilities can increase with age.
  • A consequence of the change is that employers will no longer be able to refuse to employ or promote a suitable job applicant who is less than six months from the current retirement age of 65. Failure to consider suitable candidates aged 64 and six months or more could lead to allegations of age discrimination and any policy of a maximum recruitment or promotion age will need to be objectively justified.
  • The main basis for reaching recruitment and promotion decisions as always will be against the skills, knowledge and experience requirements of the job.

Changes in April 2011 – In brief

The right to request flexible working will be extended to parents of children under 18 on 6th April. Currently in applies to parents of children under the age of 17 or 18 if the child is disabled.

Maternity & Paternity leave. Fathers of babies born on or after 3rd April 2011 will be allowed up to 26 weeks’ additional paternity leave, if the mother returns to work before using her full entitlement to statutory maternity leave.

Redundancy. The maximum statutory week’s pay in the calculation of redundancy payments and various Tribunal awards increased from £380 per week to £400 per week with effect from 1st February

Statutory maternity pay, statutory paternity pay, statutory adoption pay and statutory sick pay.
SMP, SPP and SAP rates will increase from £124.88 to £128.73 and SPP will increase from £79.15 to £81.60 from 6th April. The weekly earnings threshold for the SMP, SPP and SAP payments will also increase from £97 to £102.

The Royal Wedding
A public holiday has been announced for 29th April. Employees may assume that as it will be a bank holiday they will be entitled to take this day as paid leave. In fact employees do not have an automatic right to paid leave on bank holidays and it will depend on the wording of their employment contract.

One last thing – changes resulting from the Equality Act will be automatically incorporated into the Contracts of Employment and Staff Handbooks of Beacon Recruitment & Consultancy Retained Clients. If you would be interested in Beacon becoming your virtual HR department please call us.

Phew, that’s it for now.

Beacon is a dedicated recruitment and human resources consulting company which designs and delivers bespoke Recruitment and HR solutions. We work with organisations to recruit, manage and retain high performing staff. This includes ensuring recruitment process are successful and cost effective, that staff perform to the best of their ability and potential and that staff issues are dealt with smoothly and with minimum risk to the organisation.

Coaching is key in the recruitment process. Interview Coaching from Beacon Recruitment Sussex, Client Testimonial

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Having recently failed at two internal interviews I was lucky enough to be referred by my boss to Jan Dixon of Beacon Recruitment for some interview coaching.

When the idea was first presented to me I had mixed feelings firstly due to the fact that I loathe talking about myself, and secondly because my confidence had hit rock bottom and I thought I was beyond help! “After all, shouldn’t I be able to sort this out myself, how could anyone else improve my confidence?”

I agreed to go along, after all nothing ventured nothing gained! When the big day eventually arrived I entered the building with mixed feelings.

I attended for two sessions lasting approximately three hours in total.

The consultation period lasted about an hour, was very relaxed and friendly. Jan skilfully obtained information about me and my perception of the interviews as well as quickly gaining an insight into my personality.

Jan used the following meeting to focus on improvement of my interview skills. She taught me how to manage the interview so as not to ‘fall apart and clam up’ but to ensure my attributes are ‘brought to the surface’ without ‘showing off’ (the thing that makes me squirm most).

During this meeting it struck me that I had always been of the opinion that the skills I possess naturally are the ‘norm’. I had thought that every manager possesses these skills. Due to this thinking I hadn’t thought I had anything ‘special’ to sell even though I knew I was capable of each of the posts for which I had applied and been interviewed.

Jan analysed my responses to her questions and used the facts I had provided to help me realise that the results I have achieved were proof that I have the required skills.

I now feel confident and equipped with the necessary skills for the next interview, something I had never thought possible, thanks to Jan!

I would highly recommend the excellent service Jan provides.